Developer: Square-Enix
Players: 1
Credits: NA
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Platform: Playstation

Release Dates:
usa April 8, 2003
japan March 14, 2003
euro October 31, 2002


The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, the Earth begins to rot. The people wait. Their only hope, a prophecy…

“When the word is in darkness, four warriors will come…”

Four Light Warrriors appear among the people, each carrying an Orb. Two thousand years old, the Orbs once shone with a brilliant light. Now, only darkness.

You are these Light Warriors. The worlds only hope. You will journey all across the land, through dark caverns, into the depths of the sea, and even amongst the clouds looking for some way to save the world from the plague slowly consuming it.


**Spoilers ahead!**

Final Fantasy takes place on an unnamed fantasy world with three large continents. The elemental powers on this world are determined by the state of four glowing crystals (”orbs” in the original North American localization), each governing one of the four classical elements: earth, fire, water, and wind.

Four hundred years prior to the start of the game, a people known as the Lefeinish, who used the power of the wind crystal to craft giant space stations (”Sky Castles”) and airships watched their country decline as the wind crystal went dark. Two hundred years later, violent storms sunk a massive shrine that served as the center of an ocean-based civilization, and the water crystal went dark. Another two hundred years later, the earth and fire crystals also went dark, plaguing the earth with raging wildfires and devastating the agricultural town of Melmond as the plains and vegetation decayed. Some time later, a sage called Lukahn tells of a prophecy that four Light Warriors will come to save the world in a time of darkness.

The game begins with the appearance of the four youthful Light Warriors, the heroes of the story. The Light Warriors each carry one of the darkened Crystals. They arrive at Corneria, a powerful kingdom that has just witnessed the kidnapping of its princess, Sara, by a knight named Garland. The Light Warriors travel to the ruined Temple of Fiends in the northwest corner of Corneria, defeat Garland, and return Princess Sara home. The grateful King of Corneria builds a bridge that enables the Light Warriors passage east to the town of Pravoka. At Pravoka, the Light Warriors liberate the town from a band of pirates, and acquire the pirates’ ship for their own use. The Light Warriors now have the ability to travel across the water, but remain trapped within the Aldi Sea, in the center of the southern continent. An isthmus blocks the Aldi Sea from the western ocean. However, Nerrick, one of the Dwarves of Mount Deurgar, is able to destroy the isthmus with the Nitro Powder that the Light Warriors obtained on a quest involving the local Elves.

After visiting Melmond, the Light Warriors go to the Cavern of Earth and destroy the Earth fiend, Lich, who is responsible for the earth’s decay. The Light Warriors then enter Mt. Gulg (”Gurgu Volcano”) and defeat the Fire Fiend, Kary (”Marilith”). The Warriors defeat the Water Fiend, Kraken, in the Sunken Shrine, and Tiamat, the Wind Fiend, in the Floating Fortress. The four fiends defeated and the crystals restored, the Warriors find that their quest is not yet over: The fiends created an archdemon, Chaos, using the body of Garland, and sent him 2,000 years into the past. Following Chaos into the past, the Warriors discover that it was Chaos who had sent the four fiends into the future, creating a time loop paradox. The Light Warriors defeat Chaos, but the time paradox causes everyone except the light warriors to forget everything that transpired.


ff1_eu_cover ff1_us_cover
Final Fantasy Origins - Europe Final Fantasy Origins - USA

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