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Now Chocobo Heaven gives you the ability to buy your favorite games! We have a partnership with Amazon and PlayAsia! When you buy their products, not only you will buy them at a lower price, but you will also contribute to Chocobo Heaven, as a little commission is given to us.

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This isn't a full list of the games available, if you wish to have a special game here or another request, contact us. :)

All the selection bellow is US compatible, otherwise said. If there is something Japanese or Asian, I'll put there a (JP) or (ASIA) sign.

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Final Fantasy Series

Game Name Platform/Type Price
Final Fantasy Chronicles (Greatest Hits) PS $19.90
Final Fantasy VIII (Greatest Hits) PS $24.90
Final Fantasy I Sony PSP $39.90
Final Fantasy II Sony PSP $39.90
Final Fantasy III NDS $44.90
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales NDS $34.90
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates NDS $39.90
Final Fantasy XII PS 2 $59.90
Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits) PS 2 $24.90
Final Fantasy X-2 (Greatest Hits) PS 2 $24.90
Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Guide Guide $22.90
Final Fantasy III Official Strategy Guide Guide $18.90

Kingdom Hearts Series

Game Name Platform/Type Price
Kingdom Hearts II PS 2 $39.90
Kingdom Hearts (Greatest Hits) PS 2 $24.90

Other Games

Game Name Platform/Type Price
Drakengard 2 PS 2 $19.90
Drakengard 2 Prima Official Game Guide Guide $18.90
Children of Mana NDS $39.90

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